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Lebanese American University

Private and Public Companies

In an ever-changing world, private and public companies and non-profit organizations must be effectively and efficiently managed in order to keep pace with the dynamic market conditions and strategic shifts around them.

Sometimes, changes within an organization may create a need that cannot be met with its existing internal skillset. This can be a particular challenge for family businesses, which, for various reasons, often experience difficulties recruiting and retaining highly skilled talent. When faced with such challenges, businesses need to turn to consulting firms, such as LAU Consult, for proper guidance.

With many years of experience in corporate, family business, and non-profit consulting, LAU Consult gives you in-depth access to our knowledge of organizational management. As LAU’s consulting arm, LAU Consult draws on the strengths of faculty, staff and project-based consultants to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective services you require, such as:

  1. Strategic Planning and Management Consulting
  2. Succession Planning and Corporate Governance
  3. HR Restructuring
  4. Talent Management, Executive Education and Professional Development
  5. Marketing Planning
  6. Hospitality Management

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