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Move your plans forward with the strong support of an institution that is challenge-driven, service-oriented, knowledge-furthering and deeply rooted in the Middle East.
LAU Consult...Your Partner for Sustainable Solutions

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“Partnering with LAU Consult has been a real professional transformation. The synergies of trust and accountability instilled in each and every project create a momentum of transparency, originality and efficiency, rarely envisioned by top consulting agencies in the Arab world. LAU Consult is indeed a game changer!”

Dr. Victor Khachan
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics
LAU Consult Project Coordinator
LAU School of Arts & Sciences, Lebanon

“LAU started working with PNU at a critical time where PNU was restructuring everything … It was the right time to have an outsider look inside and help PNU form a new vision for itself and its future.”

Dr. Maha Al-Qunaibit
Vice Rector for Educational Affairs (November 2011–April 2013)
Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I learned as much as I was able to contribute.”

Dr. Rachid Chamoun
Chair of the Department of Architecture & Interior Design
LAU Consult Project Coordinator
LAU School of Architecture & Design, Lebanon

“LAU Consult allows our faculty to engage their peers in a different setting, and interact with students from the Arab Gulf.”

Dr. Elie Haddad
LAU School of Architecture & Design, Lebanon

“LAU plays a major role in supporting SCD to achieve its mission and develop as a higher education institution.”

Dr. Mona Ismail
Dean (2013–present)
Scientific College of Design, Sultanate of Oman

“It is always good for us to work on these initiatives, as they make us reevaluate our own work and strengthen us as educators.”

Dr. Abdallah Kahil
Director of the Institute for Islamic Art and Architecture
LAU Consult Project Coordinator
LAU School of Architecture & Design, Lebanon

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