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Higher Education

With many years of experience in academic services and consultancies, LAU Consult gives you access to in-depth expertise and management know-how in higher education. With our commitment to quality and operational excellence, we provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet your short- and long-term goals.

Based in a university with leading schools in Architecture & Design, Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, LAU Consult provides you with unbiased advice on how to successfully develop and implement strategic and operational educational plans.

Whether your institution is an under-planning, emerging or full-fledged University, a Community or Junior College, LAU Consult will assist you with the following key solutions:

  1. Strategic Plan
  2. Operational Plan
  3. Academic Plan
  4. Academic Coverage, Management, and Hosting
  5. Accreditation Advisory
  6. Enrollment Management
  7. Auxiliary Services
  8. Implementation & Performance Monitoring

AdobeStock_101507522.jpgEnglish Preparatory Year Program

Our comprehensive approach addresses assessment, curriculum implementation, and evaluation. Our methodology breaks down language proficiency into lexico-grammatical features that, once measured, can put students on a personalized, fast-learning track.

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