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Knowledge Development

At the start of the 21st century, escalating healthcare costs and a growing need for evidence-based practices in healthcare prompted a review of professional education in a bid to improve health delivery systems and promote patient-centered care.

LAU Consult will help you establish a staff knowledge development department and implement professional activities from orientation, in-service education, to continuing education, all geared toward the diversity that exists at all levels in healthcare environments, including patients. The impact of these activities will be evaluated following a learning needs assessment to ensure that such knowledge enhancement initiatives translate into competence and improved patient care.

Furthermore, LAU Consult can design specialized healthcare educational programs, including continuing medical education (CME) programs, leading to a certificate, diploma, or degree that are accredited by recognized organizations. Specialties will incorporate oncology, critical care, emergency management, evidence based practices, palliative care, ethics, performance improvement, preceptorship, lean methodology, and others.

LAU Consult can also help you design a career path for your staff that enables them to move from one level to the next with the required elements of professional development. Our programs will include classroom, webinar, and online education, followed by a supervised practicum of expert preceptors. 

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