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Lebanese American University

Case Studies


PowerGenerationPlanningLebanonPower Generation Planning for Lebanon, a MENA Country with a Population of 4M


TransformationCarePerformanceTransformation of Care and Performance

Higher Education

UniversityPreparatoryProgramReviewProfessionalDevelopment.pngUniversity Preparatory Program Review and Professional Development of University Instructors

StrategicPlan6000StudentUniversityStrategic Plan Development within a 6000+ Student University

SimulationBasedEducationPatientSafetyCareUsing Simulation-Based Education to Improve Patient Safety and Care

SCDAcademic Coverage of a Design College in the Sultanate of Oman

RestructuringCollegeSocialWorkGCCRestructuring the College of Social Work Within the Largest University for Women in the GCC

RSCAccreditationChemistryProgramLebanonRSC Accreditation of a Chemistry Program in Lebanon

PersonalizedEnglishLanguageTeachingPersonalized English Language Teaching: Curriculum Development and Assessment

IPEFrameworkDeveloping an InterProfessional Education (IPE) Framework

CCNEAccreditationCCNE Accreditation: Nursing Academic Excellence

BridgingProgramTDtoBSNBridging Program: Technical (Diploma) to Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN)

AssessingCollegeSocialWorkGCCAssessing the College of Social Work within the Largest University for Women in the GCC


ProfessionalDevelopmentofK-12TeachersProfessional Development of K-12 Teachers-Providing Knowledge and Practice

Private and Public Companies

RTMStrategyToysChinaDevising a Route to Market (RTM) Strategy for the Toys Category of a Multinational Company in China

RTMStrategyFMCGArabDigital Route to Market (RTM) Strategy for FMCG Categories in the Arab World

OneSizeDoesntFitAllOne Size Doesn’t Fit All

NewCreditCardDeveloping a New Credit Card for a Multinational Bank

IAmDadsSuccessor.pngI Am Dad’s Successor. It is About Time I Took Control.

FBRulesLebaneseMarketAdapting New Food and Beverage Rules to the Lebanese Market.

CreatingFamilyUnityCreating Family Unity Above All

CarbonatedSoftDrinksPackageOptimizing the Package Strategy of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in China

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