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Lebanese American University

Professional Practices in Nursing

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, nurses play a critical role in maintaining exceptional patient care and the stability of an organization. Thus, developing their leadership skills will have an impact on their contribution to their juniors.

LAU Consult will help you create a nursing service based on international standards. We will provide your nursing services with expert assessment, guidance, and educational programs to achieve superior quality care. Our team will apply the latest evidence based management practices, including both interprofessional and shared governance approach, to maximize performance and make your facility the employer of choice. Throughout our interventions, our team will continue to coach your nurse leaders and will follow up on the performance of the nursing services. 

With our geographical proximity, and both language and cultural sensitivity, the LAU Consult team of experts will work with your nursing team to review the structure, quality plans, professional practice models, staffing, and professional development activities in order to reach the strategic goals of the hospital. 

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