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Marketing Planning

Companies and non-profit organizations face numerous market challenges today. Brands and retailers alike are currently focused on adapting to the dynamic landscape in the MENA region with the ever-increasing integration of digital platforms and services. As regional and local retailers are trying to lure in shoppers through a mix of online and offline touchpoints, brands have to strategically focus on the following areas:

  1. Understand the omni-channel consumer journey and the key touchpoints to target for effective sales conversion in the retail environment
  2. Develop a route-to-market strategy that covers multi-channel distribution strategies 
  3. Develop an effective SKU-mix strategy alongside proper shopper-marketing plans to achieve efficiency in portfolio management, targeting an increase in margins 
  4. Develop and execute joint business planning with retailers who are gaining in negotiating power.

To develop a marketing plan, the LAU Consult team starts by analyzing the different components of the client’s environment, and then conducts a deep dive into the identification of growth inhibitors and accelerators. This process allows our consultants to develop actionable and detailed go-to-market strategies that effectively respond to the client’s challenges.

LAU Consult applies different principles and practices, as well as the newest research, to strategic marketing plans for local, regional and global markets.

These include:

  1. Diagnosing marketing problems
  2. Identifying opportunities
  3. Analyzing alternative courses of action 
  4. Recommending sound marketing strategies and action plans.

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